carefully curated handmade finds delivered via text message twice a week

You love handmade finds, but are too busy to hit up the weekend market. You buy jewelry and accessories to compliment your values of supporting independent businesses but can't spend all day trolling the internet for the latest and greatest. That's where Handheld Handmade comes in. Twice a week, receive a carefully curated handmade item via text message, and when you’re ready to buy checkout is simple and easy.


Hey! 👋🏻 I'm Kelly and I ❤️ handmade. I love supporting independent makers and I want to make it easier for you to do the same. I've been involved with the handmade community for fifteen years (w-o-w) and my mission has always been to help those doing what they love and to help connect them with the people who want special pieces to adorn themselves and their homes. 

Handheld Handmade is a delightful and easy shopping experience that helps you discover amazing handmade items. We work only with high-quality artisans creating fantastic work who love what they do.

To start getting handmade finds texted to you, simply fill out your style profile and twice a week a handmade item will be delivered to you via text message. To buy, simply reply to the text before the next amazing item comes along.

I know you'll be delighted. 

Kelly Rand