Why I Won't offer A Coupon For Black Friday

why I won’t offer a coupon for black friday

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Retail is hard. There are too many voices vying for your attention, and one way that retail is conditioned to do so is with offering a discount or coupon to entice customers to shop during the holiday season.

As customers, we've come to expect the flood of emails offering these discounts for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. We’ve come to expect a discount this time of year. It’s conditioned us to wait until that discount is offered and not buy until then. It cheapens the goods on offer.

These are not Handheld customers.

It's a hard mentality to break. It's ingrained in our fast consumer society. We want it now, and we want it at a deep discount. And this mentality is something I've struggled with as I've started Handheld. A way to gain customers and grow a customer list is to offer a discount code. But customers who only sign up for lists to get a discount code are not the type of customer I want to cultivate.

I want my customers to value handmade and not balk at full price items and who wait for a coupon to buy. The wares I carry are beautiful, one-of-a-kind and literally made by someone's hands, meaning their hard work/labor and their creativity goes into each and every piece. These items should not be discounted. Instead, this work needs to be highly valued.

So I won't be offering a discount for Black Friday to entice customers to buy. I won’t provide a coupon on Small Business Saturday looking for new customers to sign up for my list, and I won’t give one for Cyber Monday, either.

Instead, I’m giving thanks to my current customers with a small token of appreciation. It’s not much, but I want to say, in a tiny way, how much I value them because I see how much they appreciate my makers and me.

If you’re only here for a discount, you are not the customer for me. And that’s ok.

For my customers and me, we know that quality handmade goods are not designed with discounts and sales. They’re made by hardworking creatives who deserve a fair shake and customers who understand the value of their work.

I know I’m not the first one to not offer discounts and coupons and I hope I won’t be the last.