How To Write A Thank You Note

how to write a thank you note

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Do you send thank you notes? It’s something I haven’t done in a long time but feel inspired by Gina Hamadey, who wrote one thank you note a day in 2018. That’s 365 cards! Amazing!

January seems like the perfect time to start a thank you note practice, especially after all the gifts given during the holidays. A nice note of thanks can go a long way. A simple acknowledgment that you appreciate the gift you were given, can bring a smile to the gift giver.

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Thank you notes don’t need to be long. As Gina says:

“…it’s earnest, specific, and from the heart.”

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How to write a thank you note

So how do you write a thank you note?

Start with a card. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes and think about what you want to tell the person.

Did they send you a gift? Explain how you use it in your day to day life or how you found the perfect spot for it.

Did they do something extraordinary for you? Think of a friend or casual acquaintance and explain how they positively impacted you.

Have they done an amazing job? Think of a co-worker, hair stylist, or a fellow volunteer. Tell them how you’re amazed by the job well done!

Sign off with a simple “thank you” and your name.

You can send it in the mail, or deliver it in person. Up to you!

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Thank you notes are tiny thoughtful things that means so much to the giver and receiver. Try it out. Even if you don’t do one-a-day, try for the big occasions like after receiving a gift, then branch out to other types of kindness. Before you know it you’ll be a thank you card pro.

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