Everything You Wanted To Know About Air plant Care

Everything You Wanted To 
Know About Air plant Care

Air plants are great to have around the house. They are relatively low maintenance and have an abundance in style. You can pop them on a bookcase or in a fun vase to add a touch of green to any room. But even though they are low maintenance, they do require some love and attention.

Air plants


Air plants like to be warm so find a spot that doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Think what temperature you like to be and keep your air plant in a room of the same range.


Air plants don’t need soil to grow but they do need water. A healthy plant needs a good soak once a week. A sink, a bowl, or deep glass work great depending on the size and how many air plants you have.

Fully submerge the plant and leave it for up to two hours or even over night. Don’t worry about overwatering as they won’t take more than they need.

I like using the sink to water mine.

Sink of running water and air plants


Just like all plants, air plants need light to survive. They won’t be happy in a dark room or office where there isn’t a window. Nor are they happy in direct light, indirect is best. If your air plant lives in a dark corner give it a turn closer to a window every now and then.

What To Do If They’re Struggling

If your air plant starts to look brown or downright unhappy they’re probably not getting enough water. Give your plants a good soak over night to help revive them. In the morning shake them lightly and leave on an absorbent cloth to dry.

Test any brown outer leaves to see if you can easily pull them off and away. If they come off, great! Do this until only healthy green leaves are left. If the plant falls apart it wasn’t going to survive, no matter how much water you gave it. 😔

Drying air plants.

End of the Lifecycle

Air plants grow very slowly but they do mature and get bigger, it just all depends on the type of plant as to how big they will get. At the end of its lifecycle an air plant will flower. At the same time it might sprout several “pups.” You can gently remove them to create individual new air plants or allow them to continue to grow in place even after the “mother” plant dies.

How to Style Your Air Plant

Air plants aren’t particular about their container or vessel, so find one that makes you happy and one that won’t engulf the air plant or overwhelm it.

Look for a vase that will balance out the air plant’s size.

Air plants in hand carved vases by  Carmen McNall .

With a little attention and a good soak once a week, an air plant can make anyone a plant mom or dad.