Frequently Asked Questions

Kelly Rand answering your questions and emails.

What is Handheld Handmade?

Handheld Handmade is a curated text message service helping you discover delightful handmade finds. Read more on how Handheld Handmade works.

Who is behind Handheld Handmade?

Kelly Rand is the founder and CEO. You can read more about her on our about page.

How can I join Handheld Handmade?

You can text HANDMADE to 202-800-9191 to join, or visit our sign up page.

What is your shipping policy?

Right now all our products ship for FREE! (This may go away, so join now to take advantage of this generous policy.)

What is your return policy?

Our returns are 100% free. Read more about our return policy.

I’d love to submit my products For Consideration, how can I do that?

We work with artists and designers across the U.S. who make jewelry, paper goods, home goods, and accessories. You can submit your application here.

How Can I…?

Here is a short list of all the text keywords to help you navigate Handheld once you’ve signed up to receive texts from Handheld Handmade. Simply reply to 202-800-9191 with any of the following keywords:

HELP = For information about Handheld, compliance information, and support.
STOP = Unsubscribe from Handheld. Stop receiving texts from Handheld.
PREFERENCES = Update your preference profile.
RETURN = Start the return process.